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About Game:

Run 3 is the finale of this popular endless runner game series developed by Joseph Cloutier (Player 03), with art, animation by Alex Ostroff and music by Jesse Valentine.

How you play this game is similar to the first two games as you’ll be moving your alien to dodge or jump over the holes in space and get to the end of the level safely. In the third game, there are some new features:

Galaxy map in Run 3

  • Galaxy map: Shows your location in space compared to Earth.
  • Explore mode: A regular mode for beginners.
  • Infinite mode: A harder mode where you can collect power cells scatter throughout the roads.
  • Shop: A place where you can buy 11 different aliens’ items (some can be unlocked by clearing specific stages), and unlock other features.

Being able to login to Facebook, Twitter to save your score in infinite mode. 8 achievements for you to accomplish and receive power cells. In the levels, there are grey cracked tiles which breaks away upon touch alongside every other grey cracked tiles that attached to it.

Shop in Run 3

Shop in Run 3 

What are power cells? They’re triangular blocks that you can collect in infinite mode.

Besides being playable flash web on the PC, the game is also supported on mobile platforms so you are able to play the game on your phone and other mobile devices (iOS and Android).

There are 3 parts to this Run game series, with Run 3 being the finale. There’s also the prequels being Run and Run 2. If you’re a fan of endless runner type games, you can also play other games like G Switch, Slope, Running Fred...

How To Play:

  • Use left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use Space to jump.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. When running into another lane, that lane will turn into the floor.
  2. You can pause/resume/restart, switch aliens and turn the music, sound on/off in the pause menu.

Run 3 Walkthrough

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