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About Game

Bullet Force is a new attractive multiplayer shooter game released by Blayze Games founded by Lucas Wilde (@nxtboyIII). With the fantastic 3D graphics, you can experience it on the web flash. Thiss

There are two modes for players to choose from.


It contains two parts – Campaigns and Skirmish. You have to accomplish all the tasks to get rewards.


You will directly defeat other online players in an available room or the one you create.

That game supports players 18 different functional guns and bombs to join the battle. Each of the players has to move secretly to kill enemies as many as possible.

Moreover, you can experience this game with Android or iOS devices. It still gives you the same high- quality graphics, language or texture in both of them. This game is one of the best mobile FPS on the market!

How to play

Using the mouse and you can play smoothly. It is the main tool you need to control the fire. It is easy to play, let’s see:

  • Use your mouse and press the left click to fire

  • Press the right one to view

Besides, two buttons ‘Space’ and ‘P’ are which your fingers should put on.

  • Use space to jump

  • Use P to pause

Tips and tricks

There are some tips and tricks:

  1. You can pause, restart, or resume the game

  2. You can turn on or turn off the sound

  3. You can switch team in battle

Bullet Force Unblocked Game

You can play Bullet Force on Lifethegame.net right now with no fee.

This is an unblocked version; so you can play in Lifethegame.net anywhere at any time you want as long as you have the internet connection. Let’s try it if you are looking for a new way to deal with stress.

Bullet Force Walkthrough

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